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Tue, Feb. 11th, 2014, 12:23 pm
dagmaranna: Hi

Hi, I would ask u if is possible find english subtitles for The Brittas Empire? or if u know someone who knows it. thank u very much.
bwt, amazing blog ;)

xo D.Anna

Fri, Aug. 16th, 2013, 07:27 pm
kronette: Chris Barrie's Motoring Wheel Nuts - I haz it

I scanned in the cover of the VHS tape. The back description is hysterical and put some bad, evil images in my head...parts worth noting are italicised. I may make an icon out of some of these.

Who has the shiniest bumpers in Frogmorton?

Why do some people require a vehicle that looks like it was designed for rounding up wild steers in Colorado in order to drive 300 yards to the solarium?

Is it possible to perform satisfactory sex in the back seat of a Volkswagen Beetle without the aid of a workshop manual?

If you yearn for the answers to these and other burning motoring questions, as well as a chance to drool over some of the world's most stunning classic automobiles and exotic modern supercars, then why not let Sir Marmaduke Lovetuesday - heir to a great British tradition of drunkenness, greed and incompetence -  take you on a guided tour of the Surley Manor Automotive Gala... a tale of sin, sex and soiled spark plugs!

Sooo close to "SMEG" on those initials, too!

Clicky to see full size:

Wed, Mar. 27th, 2013, 09:37 pm
bayliss: It's March 28 in the UK!!

Happy Birthday to the sexiest beast on the planet.... Mr Chris Barrie...Collapse )

Now I'm gonna get some Ice cream.

Mon, Mar. 4th, 2013, 09:14 pm
veronica_rich: "X" rated goodness

I've been feeling the distinct lack of Series X around here ...

 photo 2-1.jpg

Even more BarrienessCollapse )

Have any Series X photos you want to add in the comments?

Mon, Jan. 28th, 2013, 04:57 pm
pheonix_iz_me: Hero vid

Greetings friends,

I know this comm has been a little quiet of late but how about an informal challenge to liven things up?

I've recently finished my latest Brittas watch though and I realised whilst watching it the Gordon is rather brave in his own way.

So here is the challenge, should anyone want it:

An 'Heroic' Chris Barrie fanvid that DOES NOT include any Ace, other Rimmer is fine, you can use any files you have to hand and even his documentaries if you think it'll fit.
One additional thought please, if at all possible, NOT 'I need a hero', that song though great is becoming a cliché.

Have fun,



Cross posted to reddwarfslash

Fri, Nov. 30th, 2012, 09:19 pm
kronette: I made some icons based off of Red Dwarf Series X

They're spoiler-free, except for the color of Rimmer's uniform, which is just *flails* If you want to take them, just credit kronette. Thanks!

Rimmer SeX



selected userpic

Thu, Mar. 29th, 2012, 07:48 am
veronica_rich: what a guy!

Well, since the official Facebook site forgot him, I thought I'd take a page from an LJ friend and post a belated b-day pic here. It's a day late, and I'm always a dollar short!


One of my more favorite pictures of Rimmer. :-)

Wed, Jan. 11th, 2012, 09:00 pm
veronica_rich: New Dwarf photos

So how is it nobody here has posted photos from the rehearsals of new Red Dwarf episodes? Or have you all just seen them everywhere else already?

From the official Red Dwarf Facebook and related sites, in case you haven't these past weeks, though:


Read more...Collapse )

Sun, Jul. 11th, 2010, 05:25 pm
kahvi: Looking for a pic...

Hey guys!

Hoping the lovely lady_draco will forgive me this post. I'm working on a photomanip, and need a picture of Chris, about the age he is now. I need something with short-cropped hair. It should preferably be a full figure picture of him standing, extra preferably from the side. Looking normal, in normal, indoor clothes. (You begin to see the challenge. :p)

I've been looking through entries here, but it's a bit of an enormous task. Does anyone have anything remotely like what I'm looking for, or have access to a clip where I might find him looking like that, so that I could cap it myself? I'd be forever grateful. Thanks!!

Sun, Jun. 27th, 2010, 12:26 am
tocbfc: The Official Chris Barrie Fan Club is now launched!!

Hello all,

I am pleased to annouce that Chris Barrie now has his own Official Fan Club!

We currently have our first exclusive video interview now up on the site as well as an introduction video from the man himself on our Facebook page!

Please check out the introduction video here and the official site here.

Many thanks,

The Fan Club Team

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